Sunday, March 18, 2007

Easy Saving - Dump Picking (Think of it as recycling)

My first thought is to recoil at the thought to admitting to the average person (you all reading) that I was having issues with my kitchen computer mouse and found a replacement at the "recycling table" at the dump. my town doesn't really have a dump. It is actually an there is no climbing over piles of trash to get these treasures.

No, we have a very clean and fairly orderly operation. In fact, we have these large tables that people drop things on. I think the idea is that these things are supposed to be functional, but there seem to be a number of people who don't seem to get that. So it is hit or miss when you pick something up.

Well, I have picked up much more interesting and expensive things for use. From monitors to FAX machines to laser printers. I have also dropped quite a few things off there too.

I guess this is the 21st century version of dump picking....and you know what, this is the way we should treat a lot of our things.

So many things get discarded before their life is through. Monitors being swapped for LCDs. Computers being discarded because of newer computers. All sorts of things like this all the time, yet there are often people who could benefit from the discarded unit who will never see them.

So today I not only saved myself 5 bucks, but I saved the fuel it would have taken to go to the store and the result of the high blood pressure I would have had trying to find a space! (just kidding)

Do the world a favor....go out and use recycled products....."Dump Pick Your Next Treasure!"

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With a little help from a mouse anything is possible.

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