Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Money Saving Experiment Gone Way Too far!

I'm not sure this is so much a personal finance post about being frugal or perhaps the admission on a really absent minded routine that I shouldn't even admit to!

It started out around last Thanksgiving, (I forget if it was before or after) My wife Cheryl and I were talking about disposable razors....but to be more specific, I was complaining that I went to get a new razor out of the drawer only to find not a single one left.

I had bought a 10 pack (or is it 8 pack) about 2 weeks earlier, and since I used them up at a rate of about one per week, I figured that given there were 2 of us, they would last about 5 weeks.

She told me they were disposable and that she used one a which I replied that I used one a week, and that I thought she was wasting them. (Look, I can be a real pain in the butt at times...I mean I pay $1 for 8 to 10 of it really was a silly petty point....but to me it was still waste)

So I told Cheryl that I bet I could use one of these for a month before throwing it out....and that it would NOT cut up my face. (which is what she told me happens if she used it twice)

So I went off to run my shave with the same 10 cent disposable razor for a month.

I would learn to really care for and drying it in order to maintain the sharpness of te blade. It became part of my morning routine!

It became such a part of it that I shaved with it until this morning! That's about 3 months with the same cheap disposable razor....and I never cut up my face.

In fact, I ultimately stopped using it because it was getting very dull and requires about 3 passes over an area to get close enough.....but it was still a decent shave. (nothing like new though)
So I suppose I tool the experiment a bit too far....but I did so almost by mistake. But I stand by my position that these are dam decent razors! (I had tried others at the Dollar store, and none were as sharp or kept their edge as these do)



Blogger ~Dawn said...

Still you save yourself atleast 10 razors and and that is a complete pack

8:26 PM EST  

Penny pinching can be dangerous.

3:24 PM EDT  

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