Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hey...Online Billpay is Handy and Cool

Hey...maybe I am still a dinasour, but I just used online Bill Pay for the first time tonight. I paid one electric bill.

The thing I like about it is something that I never realized was a feature. I was able to schedule the payment for March 1st, and today is only February 15th!

I had already written the check, and I like to dispatch bills as soon as they come I don't forget them. Well, the problem is that the check is cashed and out of my account perhaps 2 weeks earlier than it really needs to be!

But with online bill payments, I am able to schedule the actual payment, and still dispatch the bill when it comes in. maybe my overlooking this feature was a very basic oversight....but still something I a excited to discover.

The other big plus is that all my bank transactions are accounted for on the online register...with the name of the check payee. (unlike when I write them and keep track of things manually in my check register.)

Will wonders never cease!

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Blogger moonfever0 said...

You are definitely in the dark ages!! I've paid my bills online since it's been offered (2000 or so?) and never looked back. Plus I do it through a credit union that doesn't have a charge for the service or a minimum balance requirement, so I save in fees and stamps (Sikorsky Financial Credit Union in CT which I've kept since my job there in 1989). Yes, I also use a local credit union for access to cash and I link them all together along with my brokerage acct with ING Direct (I know you don't like those guys, but it makes things extremely easy to transfer between accounts and has a high interest rate).

11:06 AM EST  
Anonymous Sam said...

It is great, use it to pay all kinds of bills too, I even use it to shop sometime online at

4:32 PM EST  

Great title for post

3:31 PM EDT  

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