Friday, February 23, 2007

Debt is Slavery - Book and Interview of Author on MONEYBLOGGER Podcast

I was listening to the MONEYBLOGGER Podcast this morning on the way to work, and the interview was one that I found very interesting.

It was an interview of Michael Mihalik, author of a book titled "Debt is Slavery"....and this is a title that I totally appreciate.

I appreciate it not so much because of my own troubles with debt, but some of the people I know (in my own family too) who have found themselves working every hour of their existance just to pay the minimum payments on credit purchases for things they don't even own any more!

The book is apparently 10 short chapters that outline 10 "rules" for handling money. Mr. Mihalik talks about a talk he had with his nieces, and the 10 points he outlined to her. It changed her life, and so he felt it might be useful for others too.

During the Podcast he discussed 2 of the 10, and he did so in a way that brought them home and easy to understand. His nieces comment to him was that she had wished her mother or father had explained money to her in such a clear way.

I love the idea, and I might just buy the book to read and pass along.

Check it out is coming available on February 28th and is currently available for pre-order at as well as the Publisher's website. It costs only $14.95, and looks like a simple yet useful read.

BTW: Here is a review of this book by another personal finance blogger, are two articles by Mr. Mahalik:
1) Debt–The New American Slavery (about his book)
2) What is Financial Security?

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Anonymous Tim said...

Thank you for mentioning my review of Debt is Slavery! I appreciate it. I'll have to go check out that interview! Nice post.

2:48 AM EST  

Excellent book

3:25 PM EDT  

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