Monday, November 06, 2006

Our Elected Officials Finances

I was going to post here simply reminding people to VOTE tomorrow....but being a finance/money/frugality BLOG, I thought I needed a "money" angle to the post.

My next thought was...."vote your pocketbook"....or "look at how much tax you pay"....but you know, there are other things in life besides money, and plenty of other reasons to vote. (probably more important things in the long run too)

But when I found this little website put up by The Center for Responsive Politics, I thought I had made the connection. the info here will probably NOT sway your vote one way or the other...and I'm not suggesting it should. But it is very interesting to see the diversity of wealth and income among our current elected officials.

These people also have a lot of other information on our elected officials, some that they claim might help you decide when you are in the voting booth. I don't know about that since I have not looked at all the other information. (Reader beware I guess)

Check it out at:

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