Sunday, November 26, 2006

My first real purchase at a Warehouse "Club"

This isn't meant as an ad for BJs, but just a description of how this 47 year old did something absolutely new today. my "first" was not all that unusual....or outstanding, but I actually experienced something I had never done before, and I had to BLOG about it. (what was this exciting moment pray tell???)

My wife and I actually did some shopping at a warehouse club today....BJs to be exact.

I have never owned a membership, and never been with my mother who used to have one from time to time. I always had mental pictures of warehouse purchases as having to be tractor-trailer load sized. (large yes.....too large, not at BJs)

So we went in just to look around, and pick-up some bananas.....which we did, but while we were looking around we saw so many other cool and affordable things. First there was the large container of Olive Oil that I just have to have.....then the industrial sized box of Oregano. (I can't have enough of that for sure) Then there was a great deal on pistachios, which I had a craving for!

These items did have a great bit of savings on them....and I look forward to trying the place out again in the next 40 or so days.

In fact, holiday time is probably an opportune time to take advantage of some of the "try-us" shopping days that these clubs offer. BJs offers a 60 day free trial, and I believe Sams Club gives out "Try us FREE for a day" cards.

Shopping these clubs isn't for everybody, but there does look to be savings to be had if they carry what you want and you shop there regularly.

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Blogger Super Saver said...

Try Costco, if you get a chance. I prefer them over Sam's. I haven't been to BJs, since we don't have a BJ's near us.

8:36 PM EST  
Blogger Bigqueue said...

I've heard great things about Costco....and my mother in-law is a member there and raves about it.

But when I went to the one in Nashua the other night, the people working there were kind of short with me. I had to fill out a guest slip just to look around, and even then I had to ask for info on the membership. (they have me nothing until asked....even though I made it clear I was going in to look around and learn about the place)

Maybe it was a new I said, I have heard they are good.

9:05 PM EST  

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