Sunday, November 05, 2006

Book Review: "Exporting America"

I just finished reading a book titled "Exporting America" written by Lou Dobbs. The book was a fairly quick read, and it was written in a very straight forward and fact-filled way. The stories and information described was often very least if you have been watching the exportation of American jobs over the last decade.

If you are you type who has no consern for the massive outsourcing that is going on these days, then this is a great primer for you on the situation. Unlike the Three Billion New Capitalists book I mentioned earlier, this book is a bit more straight forward and while filled with plenty of facts....the volume of information isn't so large as to blow the back of your head off.

If you are someone who is already inclined to believe that outsourcing is a problem, and that we need to talk about fair as opposed to totally open trade...then this book might be preaching to the converted. (though it is still a good might want to skip right over the the 3 Billion Capitalists book straight away)

Trust me....I've worked in the computer industry for over 20 years now, and the outsourcing is front and center in your face. It is quite sad to see how we bend over backwards to cut the cost of Engineering salaries. We often train the very people that will be taking our jobs. Such is life. (It may be fact, but I don't have to enjoy or agree with it)

Anyways/ my pile of books is growing faster than I am reading them.....and have three books sitting looking for my attention.

Beginners Guide to the World Economy, The Chinese Century, and Economics: Making sense of the Modern Economy.

Please tell me about any interesting books you might have read long the line of these....I'd love to add them to my reading list.

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Anonymous Mohan said...

Interesting, not sure if you have already done so, but invite you to check out "the world is flat" from Friedman...

5:07 PM EST  
Anonymous David Ainsworth said...

Responding to your invitation to point out any interesting books on the victimization of the American middle class at the hands of globalization, please note that the only known novel of this subject has just been published. It is called The Chasm written by yours truly, David Ainsworth. For more information, the book has its own website at I don't think people realize how readily this problem can be fixed if the political tipping point were to be reached, but this book makes this aspect of the problem clear.

7:47 PM EST  

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