Saturday, February 18, 2012

Where do er go from here? (Who will lead us???)

Just a quick post of a recent meeting where US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner admits to Representative Paul Ryan that the current proposed budget plan is a sort term plan at best. That sounds fine until you realize that it is really a matter of kicking the can down the road.....that this is NOT leadership. That is is exactly how we got into the mess we did in 2008.....that this is the problem that was laid out for us by Ross Perot and Morrie Taylor back in an election primary in 1996!

At that point I can see why people resisted getting excited about it all....but we have just survived a problem decade, are living with an imploding Europe as I type and have our debt problems staring us square in the kisser.....the TIME IS NOW for action!

Now what? I suggest we deal with out problems and not bury our heads in the sand.

As for what we personally do besides vote for people addressing things.....I suggest diversification of assets and around the world!

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