Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jim Rogers....Opportunities all over, but this is the Asian Century

Jim Roger clearly believe that debtor nations will NOT be the way to attract future profits. He suggests that no one flocks to debtors. (good point)

This is a general question and answer session that describes his focus on China.

Trump is ALWAYS Bullish on Vegas!

BRIC Counrties go SHOPPING!

So would these currencies end up in the basket of currencies?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

One video, lots of inflation talk from two of my Dr. Dooms!

Two Doctor Doom's for the price of one video.

So it seems that we might have high they say, and I have heard Jim Rogers say too. Now what do we do...I mean you and me, regular people....regular investors?

Rogers suggests commodities as the place to invest. I have heard Faber say similar things too.

Things to ponder.

"Head fake recovery"? Are we tryng to pump-up the volume to pump up a bubble?

This is a good video....a nice discussion with Jim Rogers one of my Dr. Doom I follow...but the other guest, Jerry Lowe, makes perhaps the best points!

Check out the 4:52 minute mark for his "Head Fake Recovery" comment.